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Our accreditations are your guarantee of quality. Trusted by lawyers and physicians across Australia, we offer quick results with a commitment to full confidentiality.

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3 Easy Steps

Experience the convenience of DNA testing from the comfort of your home.
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1. Choose Your Test

From paternity to grandparentage, we offer a wide range of DNA tests to fit your needs.

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Step 2. Swab
2. Collect and Send
Use the easy and painless cheek swabs included in our kit to collect your DNA samples and send back to our lab.
Step 3. Get Results
3. Get Results
Access your confidential results online within 1-2 business days after sample receipt. Our team of experts is available for any questions.
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Our Accreditations

Our excellence in quality control has earned us a wide range of accreditations, including AABB, CAP, CLIA, SCC, and ISO/IEC 17025, making us one of the select few laboratories globally to hold all major internationally recognized DNA laboratory accreditations.

Frequently Asked Questions

We provide a comprehensive range of DNA relationship tests to establish biological relationships:

Ordering a test is easy! Here's how:

  1. Choose your test: Browse our website and select the test that aligns with your needs.
  2. Place your order: Add the test to your cart and proceed to checkout. Provide your shipping and payment details.
  3. Receive your kit: Your DNA collection kit will arrive at your doorstep within 7-15 business days.

How it works

DNA sample collection is a simple and painless process. Your DNA test kit will include everything you need, along with easy-to-follow instructions. You'll find two mouth swabs inside the kit for each person being tested. To collect a sample, gently rub the swab inside the cheek for about 15-30 seconds. Make sure to gather cheek cells, not just saliva. Let the swabs air dry for 30 minutes – this prevents mold and helps preserve the DNA. Once dry, place the swabs in the provided specimen envelope and mail the kit back to the laboratory for testing.

Yes, our DNA collection kits are completely safe and non-invasive. They're suitable for everyone, including adults, children, and infants.

No problem! Our private test kits have individually barcoded components, so you can split the kit and send parts to different cities for sample collection. The samples are tested together once received.

If the mother's biological relationship to the child is already established and not in question, it is not necessary to test her for paternity tests. A conclusive answer regarding paternity can be obtained without testing the mother.

Yes. If the alleged father is not available for testing, paternity can still be determined using DNA from close biological relatives of the alleged father, such as his parents, siblings, or other children.

While direct testing of the alleged father provides the most straightforward evidence of paternity, testing other family members can offer significant insights into the child's biological lineage.

We take your privacy very seriously. Your personal information is protected by strict security measures. We do not share your information with any third parties without your explicit consent.

Once your sample arrives at our laboratory, the testing process begins immediately. Our team works diligently to ensure that your sample is processed as quickly and accurately as possible.

  • For relationship DNA testing, such as paternity tests, the turnaround time is approximately 1 to 2 business days from the date your sample is received by our laboratory. 
  • For other non-relationship tests, including health & wellness, diet & nutrition, and ancestry DNA testing, the processing time is longer, typically between 6 to 12 weeks. This extended timeframe is due to the complex nature of the analyses involved in these tests.

Once your test is completed, we will notify you that your results are ready through both email and SMS (if you opted in for SMS notifications during the test activation process).

Log in to your secure online account to view or download your test results as soon as they're ready.

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